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Let your tree shine with these 5 decoration tips

TIP 1: Location

Find a nice spot where the tree will look great. If you want to hide the base, you can look for a stylish rattan sleeve for example.

TIP 2: Decoration

If you have chosen a prelit tree, you won’t have to worry about the lights anymore. If not, the lights are the first step in decorating your Christmas tree. Hang them in a spiral shape from top to bottom. Check if they are evenly distributed. Then you place the peak and possibly some garlands. Deeper into the tree you hang some decoration and you finish by decorating the tips of the branches.

TIP 3: Green or flocked branches

Make sure there are still some parts of the nice branches visible.

TIP 4: Bigger and smaller Christmas decorations

Put up the bigger Christmas decorations first and choose some simple baubles to decorate the deeper parts of the tree. The smaller and more fragile Christmas decorations are for the outer tips of the tree.

TIP 5: Christmas with kids and pets

If you have kids rummaging around or playful pets, be sure to choose unbreakable Christmas decorations.

You are now ready for an unforgettable Christmas!

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